Leader for over 50 years in the chemical industry
The birth and development
At the beginning of the sixties, when industrial development impacted the footwear market, mostly in the area of Vigevano (PV) many new enterprises rapidly grew up creating a specific demand for mechanics and chemical products.
Giuseppe Tipa and Danilo Barbic, both having a job experience in a big chemical group, immediately guessed the potential of an activity aimed to provide chemical products for shoes and, in November 1963 they started up Kenda Farben S.p.A. at Garlasco, near Vigevano, making polishes, waxes and dyes for leather.
Being inside the main Italian footwear area in the sixties and seventies and having a close relationship to some of the most important shoe makers have made it possible to have a rapid growth of the production both in volume and in range of products.

Sales organization
Great importance at that point in time had the ability of creating an efficient and effective sales organization, based on the formula of representatives with a deposit, mostly in the areas where the concentration of footwear companies was higher. This way of approaching the market had two main advantages: targeted and timely supplies for the customers, economies in delivery time and costs for Kenda Farben.
The most meaningful example of this policy is the participation in  Rio S.r.l.  based in Castelfranco di Sotto (PI), started in 1986 in one of the most populated areas of footwear and leathergoods companies: Rio directly provides technical service, pre sales and post sales help throughout all Tuscania region.
Today, the sales organization is made up by a number of agents, three of them with a deposit, based in Puglia, Toscana and Campania.

Export oriented
Since the early seventies, Kenda Farben is extremely active in enlarging its market share in markets outside Italy. Consistently participating in international fairs, shows and events, the company name gets more and more credits among the main operators, making it easier to create new contacts with foreigner potential distributors and customers.
Greece, Spain, Jugoslavia, Lebanon and Venezuela are the first markets where Kenda Farben sells its products, then quickly spreading its presence all over the world. Throughout the years, the export orientation turned into a decisive development strategy, producing a bigger and bigger income share that is currently up to 70% of the total sales.
The many agreements with local importers and distributors helped Kenda Farben to be near the final customers and consequently improved the market knowledge, the response time, the logistic organization with a decrease in delivery time and cost and, in one word, the presence on the territory.


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