Leader for over 50 years in the chemical industry

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Kenda Farben Spa ensures a consistently high quality standard, particularly in regard to the observance of social responsibility along with health and safety requirements at work within the application field of their activities.

The following three pillars are the supporting force behind our idea of sustainability which have always been regarded as a key factor for our company:

Commitment to the environment
We protect the environment in which we operate, through a structure in full compliance with the local legislation, optimizing the efficient and responsible use of resources during production (water, energy, raw materials), while reducing emissions and waste, thanks to our waste valorization process.
Social responsibilities
We promote health and safety conditions in our workplace. We respect and protect the rights of our workers and in general all human rights internationally recognized. We share with our employees and contractors all our objectives and responsibilities. Since 2012 Kenda Farben has adopted a Code of Ethics and Conduct aimed at enhancing the company governance and promoting its commercial transparency philosophy in compliance with the applicable legislation in Italy and in the countries in which it operates. The company highly value fair competition and its confidential information, along with its know-how, employees, customers and suppliers.
Quality and safety of our products
The products we sell, in addition to the high level of quality and style, can certify our daily commitment to provide our customers and consumers with top quality merchandising standards which always meet expectations, particularly with regard to the content of chemicals.

Some indicators to benchmark our sustainability performance

To manufacture a kg of our products we consume on average:
  • 1,26 litres of water
  • 0,00002 TEP energy
We produce:
  • 13,8 g of waste
  • 0,10 g of VOCs
  • 0,044 g of equivalent CO2

99% of the staff are hired with temporary contracts.
In 2014 we provided 197 paid training hours.
30% of them were women.

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