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Policy on quality


Kenda Farben S.p.A 's main assets are its clients. The company has always included quality as a key strategy in its policies. Today more than ever, the Company recognizes that quality in products and services is one of the most important aspects in providing full client satisfaction, and that quality is essential developing market loyalty and ensuring future growth.
All Kenda Farben operations, from research and development to client assistance, must be aimed not only at fulfillment of UNI EN ISO norm 9001:2008, but also at continuous improvement in Quality Management Systems, applied to all management and operational processes.
All components within the entire Kenda Farben Group must act to reach Quality Objectives, with the aim being the satisfaction of the end clients.
The Company is prepared to guarantee adequate quality standards both at the level of individual operations and for the whole of its products and processes.
The Company also undertakes to provide the means and resources for achievement of effective, long-term Quality Management Systems concerning all products and services.

Garlasco, 05/06/2017






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